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Patient Darlene - Infertility Case
"When I first came to you my soul was in an erratic state.. As you know I'm an extremely tense person.. After only one session you relieved enough swelling in my feet I remember commenting right away that my shoes were actually loose.

Above all the relaxing, breathing, swelling and pain issues, you've done something truly remarkable. My right fallopian tube was blocked and I suffered from Luteal Phase defect (hormonal imbalance stemming from my pituitary gland). After 7 sessions you referred me back to retest with my doctor. You also told me that you had a vision of me with a baby next summer (1994).

A couple of months later, my doctor ordered another HSG test (to check my uterus and tubes). Much to my surprise, my right tube was clear - clear as a bell - no blockages anywhere - everything was normal and clear! My doctor put me on a hormone called Clomid. A hormone not usually prescribed for my particular problem.. Now, after two months on Clomid, I'm pregnant.. I'm due next summer.




Patient Susie - Muscular Sclerosis
"This letter is written to affirm and describe the remarkable work of Mr. Ariel Talmor who is currently treating my daughter with reflexology. Susie has multiple sclerosis and while her functional abilities are not greatly improved following a session by Mr. Talmor, her sense of well being is significantly enhanced. Susie's muscle spasms have lessened, she senses an overall feeling of increased relaxation and enhanced flexibility.."

Bernice Lindquist
Delphine Coover, RN, PhD
Shaker Heights, Ohio

Patient Siri - Optic Nerve Damage

When I came to you I intuitively felt that you could help my 8 year old son.

He had experienced a series of episodes of brain demyelination that left him with a pale optic nerve and compromised vision in both eyes, markedly the left one. As measured by our neuro-opthamologist as well as by another eye surgeon, our son's vision was 20/200 and deemed not correctible even with glasses. We didn't believe that to be true and we hold tightly onto the knowledge the body can heal itself.

Committing to a series of reflexology treatments with you 2x/week for three months my son reported gradual improvement. The end of which we had his eyes thoroughly reexamined by the neuro-opthamologist and discovered he had 20/20 vision in BOTH eyes with absolutely no loss of visual function in any sector: no peripheral vision loss, no color loss etc. His eyes were perfect. We danced a jig and would call it an amazing miracle, however we felt it improving all along during our vigilant work in partnership with your talented hands.

We believe whole-heartedly in the power of your work and recommend you to anyone for virtually any cause. You have an intuitive ability to work the points which require it and we appreciate that you did only as much as was/is necessary.

Forever in gratitude,

Siri Jostad

Patient Sharnelle - Mind/Body Medicine
Dear Ariel,

I can't believe how good I feel. Thank you for the wonderful session! I can't wait to come again!!

Sharnelle Rupe, The Center for Health and Wellbeing, San Diego

Patient John - Mind/Body Medicine
Dear Ariel,

When you met me you said that there is some trapped energy in my lower chakras. It really felt like my lower abdomen was separate from me. I was told to expect some unusual dreaming following the session. Surely enough, I experienced some very interesting dreams. I also had all kinds of coincidencial events - just more "in tune", as you put it. You told me to consider art; two days later, an art teacher approached me. I said I want to play the trumpet again, and bingo - yesterday a trumpet instructor bumped into me.. I feel more open, connected to myself.. I attract more what I need. I can see what "holistic" is standing for. My spirit opened up just like my body on the physical plain! All from the feet? Amazing, but most possibly true...

Thank you for everything!

John, San Diego

Patient Mo - Mind/Body Medicine
Dear Ariel,

As a Pilates instructor who spends much time in the body, I needed to be "taken away". Your sessions, of all modalities, gave me just that: I was able to create a space of healing, spending most of the session in what appeared to be an alpha state. As a result, I witness a greater sense of grounding, flow and painlessness. Thanks a million!!!

Mo, San Diego

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