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A couple of months later, my doctor ordered another HSG test (to check my uterus and tubes). Much to my surprise, my right tube was clear - clear as a bell - no blockages anywhere - everything was normal and clear! My doctor put me on a hormone called Clomid. A hormone not usually prescribed for my particular problem.. Now, after two months on Clomid, I'm pregnant.. I'm due next summer..





What is reflexology?
Simply, the manipulation of points and areas in the feet that stimulate points and areas in the body. However, we believe that there is more into it. Namely, these areas in the body contain cellular energies that may be released in the course of the reflexology manipulation.

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What does reflexology do?
Just like we feed ourselves on a normal basis, so do our organs need their own food. Lower metabolism, low energy and general stress may result in decreased circulation. As we feed our body by eating food we may not notice that we don't actually feed organs with decreased metabolism since they may suffer from decreased circulation as well. In other words, less circulation means less food and less vitality for the body organs!
Foot Reflexology EgyptBy stimulating various points on the feet we help the body's circulation. This, in turn, helps the organs to "breathe" better while releasing toxic accumulations of waste material. As the organs enjoy a better circulation the body has a better chance to restore its balance. At the same time, the physiological level has a deeper counterpart - that is the energetic level. Energetic blockages are released simultaneously to the release of actual waste material. The result: cleansing on all levels that normally result in clarity and peace of mind.

Reflexology is very beneficial for many common ailments. Some are:
- Back pain
- Digestive system
- Respiratory/breathing
- PMS, irregular cycles, etc.
- General toxicity (acidity)
- Endocrine system
- General stress: anxiety, insomnia.
- Low energy, fatigue, etc.
- Be more grounded in the here and now!

A typical course of sessions
We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions to obtain substantial results. Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. You will be asked to report any developments that occurred between the sessions.

What to expect
During the series of sessions you will experience more ease and relaxed disposition. However, the body needs some time to adjust and release toxins. So you are also likely to experience symptoms of detoxification, i.e. loose bowel movement and more sleep.

About your session
After you are greeted, new data is taken about your situation. Your hands-on session finds you sitting in a very comfortable reclining chair (sometimes a massage table). Let your stress and worries melt down as you listen to soothing music accompanied by the whispering of a water fountain. Pleasant botanical fragrances blend into the air. A candle burns peacefully. Every reflex on your feet is tenderly worked on.

Disclaimer: Reflexology is not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat for a certain illness. Always consult a physician.

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