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"Above all the relaxing, breathing, swelling and pain issues, you've done something truly remarkable. My right fallopian tube was blocked and I suffered from Luteal Phase defect (hormonal imbalance stemming from my pituitary gland). After 7 sessions you referred me back to retest with my doctor. Much to my surprise, my right tube was clear - no blockage anywhere. Now after 2 months I'm pregnant.. I'm due next summer.

About Me

Ariel Talmor,
Advanced Foot
Reflexology and
Powerful Intuitive

Ariel Talmor is a gifted reflexologist, healer and metaphysical teacher. He is a graduate of the University for Humanistic Studies in San Diego. He was one of the first reflexologists in the nation to be certified by American Reflexology Certification Board. Ariel is also a faculty member at San Diego Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a world class school for alternative medicine.

Beyond his official academic studies, Ariel trained with individual shamans and healers in India, Nepal, Israel, Egypt and the US. He is fluent in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Egyptian and more. A world traveller, he still expands his knowledge and understanding of health and dis-ease, ranging from the physical body through the psyche to the cosmic body we all possess. In his view, the feet are the ultimate gateway to the here and now.

His clients have included the artistic director of the Cleveland ballet, Dennis Nahat, as well as healers and teachers such as the best selling author Louise Hay. As a healer who focuses on the concept of the mind/body connection, Ariel uses a special bio-energetic technique he developed based on ancient healing techniques and modern reflexology to pinpoint problems and alleviate long standing conditions with significant success.

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