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STS (Sole-to-Soul) offers classes in foot reflexology. The full program is 200 hrs. It includes 110 class hours and 90 hours of documentation. At conclusion of class, students may sit for the American Reflexology Certification Board exam. The class material is as follows:

1. Professional Reflexology Class

This program is one of the most extensive programs yet available. The program complies with American Reflexology Certification Board "ARCB":

• Introduction to holism (mind-body) and the energy concept
• Introduction to foot reflexology
• Relaxation techniques
• Specific techniques
• The holistic interview
• Anatomy - body systems
• Mapping the feet
• Stress conditions
• Protection techniques
• Toe observation
• Elements observation
• Foot reading - introduction
• Vascular response
• Chakra observation
• Holistic approach to body systems
• Reflexology research around the world
• The evolution of treatments - live cases
• Business ethics
• Much more!!

2. Weekend class - CEU

STS offers a 14 hrs class - ideal for bodywork practitioners who want to enhance their skills:

• Introduction of reflexology as a healing art
• Basic application for stress management
• Major body systems relevant for stress management
• Foot reading
• Reflex mechanism
• Stress management - work sequence
• Much more!!

3. Stress management for family and friends

A 4 hrs workshop designed for recreation and fun

• Introduction to well being through the feet
• Fun! Fun! Fun!

*Note: Due to extensive speaking and clinic engagements, there will be no school offered in 2007. Please contact Ariel to make arrangements for alternate options. (Ariel is a faculty member of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA).


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