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"Ariel helped me to restore my energy levels. Simply the best!" - Louise Hay, bestselling author "You Can Heal Your Life."

"Your "magic" touch made a difference in my life. I am ready to face each day with stamina and energy. Miracles truly happen." - Ilene S. San Diego

"A true intuitive healer,
expect profound transformation!" - S.S. San Diego


Foot Reflexology, Ariel TalmorSole to Soul Intl. represents a concept in alternative healing. Primarily, it offers clients one on one sessions of foot reflexology and powerful intuitive healing. These sessions focus on the feet and thus the entire body as reflected in them! What is reflexology?
Simply, the manipulation of points and areas in the feet that stimulate points and areas in the body. However, we know there is much more to it. Namely, these areas in the body contain cellular energies that may be released in the course of the reflexology manipulation....more

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